In and Of an Urban Time

/ 2010 – 2015.

My doctoral research explored the absence/presence of time, time theories, temporal concerns and temporal imaginations within the discipline of Urban Studies, exploring (a) the routes by which a naturalised view of time pervades the traditions and canons of Urban Studies, and (b) the related reach of the disciplinary assemblage in limiting academic, policy and everyday temporal understandings of urban problems and justice. Whilst focussed on the discipline of Urban Studies, the practice and reach of the research was highly interdisciplinary in nature and transdisciplinary in scope. More broadly, the work centred on dominant knowledge- and reality-making practices and structures, external to and within academia, and was concerned with the ways in which such practices and structures sit in relation to marginalised and subjugated ways of knowing and being. A key feature of the work was its performative methodology, which sought to reveal, challenge and transform dominant ideas of time through its practice. You can read more about a quilt made to accompany the work here; or visit the University of Glasgow to read the thesis.