The question becomes: how to interfere in and diffract realities in particular locations to generate more respectful and less dominatory alternatives. How to trope, to bend versions of the real, to strengthen desirable realities that would otherwise be weak. […] To deal with the materialities of specific practices. To discover difference. And then to intervene in ways that might make a difference to those differences.

John Law, 2008

I am an interdisciplinary scholar and methodologist, with experience of working within and across the subject areas of education, urban studies, cultural policy, philosophy, public policy, criminology, sociology, anthropology and science, technology and society studies. My work focuses on knowledge- and reality-making practices, and the ways in which dominant knowledge structures sit in relation to marginalised and subjugated ways of knowing and being. My response is an ethical one, pursuing performative methods to reveal, challenge and transform knowledges and realities towards people, things, categories and ideas unseen within prevailing understandings. To this end I use innovative, critical and performative approaches, including (auto)ethnographic, participatory and arts-based methods. Central to my work is a view that theory and method should be treated as tools for creativity; used to prise apart dominant structures of knowledge and reality in order that we might see, think and imagine things differently through the process. This website collects my efforts so far. I am based within the School of Education at the University of Glasgow, where I am Lecturer in Creative and Interdisciplinary Studies in Education.